TGIF-ART: Animal party.

I'm making a half-hearted attempt to resurrect my TGIF-Art "series" in order to motivate myself. I put together some of my favorite animal characters with some new friends. Enjoy. Or not.



My friend Bill asked me to work on a mark for his fishing group - Southern Highlanders. There was a lot of inspiration from patches and old school boy scout badges, which seems fitting for a band of guys setting out into nature led by Bill the Eagle Scout. I may not be a Southern Highlander myself, but I look forward to getting a hat or t-shirt with the emblem and sewing my patch onto something and pretending like I am.

Series name: TBD.

I've decided to start a series of Friday illustrations just to give myself some fake purpose for my unimpressive doodles. I'd love to have a clever pun / play-on-words title for these weekly posts, but the furthest I've come is "Fridoodlday" (which I'm embarrassed to even say out loud) and "TGIFart" (which is semi-misleading). Suggestions are highly encouraged.


Week 1: "Four eyes" - - I have a thing for drawing cartoon octopi and putting glasses on stuff . . . And that, my friend, is how this masterpiece came to be. I'm pretty deep.


It may be true that I can sometimes be ever so slightly dramatic and hyperbolize just a touch, but there are other times when I'm being completely accurate by saying that I enjoy something to the point of wanting to die. I have this distinct sense of being so overwhelmed by what I'm seeing that death seems imminent.* This happened most recently when I found these cross-stitch patterns by Cloudsfactory:


I love them so much that I want to D I E. The worst part of all is that Cloudsfactory is apparently located in Siena, Italy. I JUST WENT TO THERE (!!) and I cannot believe I spent all of my time looking at dumb old monuments instead of finding people creating nerd-themed cross-stitch patterns. Obviously I'm partial to the several Harry Potter patterns, but there are an infinite (not really - closer to 193) number of gems including but not limited to: Never-Ending Story, Dr. Who, Back to the Future, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, and Fast and Furious.

*My first recollection of this sensory overload was going into Sanrio Surprise as a child. I was filled with an excited panic that made it almost painful to visit my favorite store. This is normal, right?


My good friend and his lovely girlfriend graced Nashville with their presence recently and brought me a surprise gift of some drool-worthy Scholten and Baijings fabrics.

The lovely girlfriend (Oona) works at Maharam creating textile designs and was able to get her hands on these goodies. I recently noted how much I adore this talented duo here (S&B - not David & Oona, though they are talented as well) so I was beyond excited to receive this extremely thoughtful gift. I hope to hear more about Oona's forays in the art of fabrics in the near future. Sounds like it's the bomb.

From left to right //   1  /  2  /  3

From left to right //  1 / 2 / 3

On the top of my "I need" list is currently throw pillows and I think this fabric has the potential to turn into some desirable accents for my home. And yes, saying that I need to have throw pillows more than anything else at this point in time is a great indicator of how terrible my life must be. P.S. I also need someone to teach me how to make throw pillows . . . or I can just buy some.


I have a fondness for a good coffee table book and Little People in the City: The Street Art of Slinkachu is one of my all time favorites. It's the kind of art that makes me say, "I wish I had thought of that." Interesting and well executed, but also just looks like a lot of fun to create.

In honor of what feels like the end of winter where I spend my days, I've chosen to feature Stroll: Gorky Park, Moscow, Russia - - Goodbye Cold - & - Hello Unbearable Heat!

Check out the blog and website for more art & info by Slinkachu.


If done right and if well thought out, a tattoo can be a beautiful addition to a person (unfortunately there are about a million instances where a tattoo is neither of those things).

I recently stumbled upon some eye-catching tattoo designs only to find out that they were temporary ones from Tattly. I started perusing their selection and found about a million that I wouldn't mind having permanently adhered to my body.

Tattoos are forever so one needs to make sure that they are making a decision that they think they'll stand by forever as well. I don't see myself with more than 2 or 3 small ones for the long haul and I've been debating about my second choice for over 3 years now. I'm not taking this lightly and I recommend that you don't as well.

I have a tattoo (my mother's maiden name "Sasaki" on the back of my neck), but, until I can decide on another, I'll gladly cover myself in some temporaries. 


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Recently saw a gorgeous image posted on DesignLoveFest that sent me down the rabbit hole into Mark Peckmezian's photography. I can definitely call myself a fan of his work after perusing hundreds of his snapshots. His borderline harsh lighting and his ability to use color in what I can only call muted-saturation is more than appealing to my tastes. A lot of his imagery feels almost like a marriage of polariods and yearbook photos - in the best way possible. I would love to have him shoot a family portrait for me . . . or even just a photo of my dog standing on a box next to some potted plants.