A thought.

I once had a friend who said they were going to call me "tomorrow" with some information -- and then I didn't hear from them for several months. They said that each passing day made them more embarrassed that they hadn't contacted me until they felt unable to say anything at all. Instead of the passing of time creating more pressure to do something - they felt increasing pressure to not do anything. The information they were giving me was not important and them not relaying it was of zero consequence so I merely rolled my eyes at their unnecessary and exponentially increasing anxiety about the matter, but I also realized how much I can relate to the idea of it in so many facets of my life. Rarely it's a phone call to someone, but sometimes it is literally that.

For the matters that are important, I'll follow up on you if I don't hear anything. When they are not, I'll roll my eyes in the least judgmental way possible when you allow yourself to be on my radar again. And, for myself, I need to remember that a passing day is only pressure to begin and not reason to finalize or hide from an ending.