Anniversary gifts: year 3.

I celebrated my 3 year anniversary last week and (because my husband is one of the 2 people that actually looks at my blog) I thought it best not to share ideas for this particular milestone until after we exchanged our presents. 

In general, I find the male population hard to buy for. This is based entirely on the men in my life, but they tend to be some of the pickiest people I know. Heaven forbid I try and purchase a shirt for my brother (That plaid is too loud), dad (Is this 100 % cotton?), or husband (I hate everything you pick out). They sound like the worst, right?

We've been adhering to the traditional anniversary gifts so this year we had to buy something leather. Because I always need a little help trying to find presents that guys won't just poorly pretend to like (or not even pretend in the slightest), I wanted to put together some general ideas that one could tailor to the special man in their life (if it's your 3rd year of marriage or someone is forcing you to by things made of leather for reasons you cannot disclose). 

My husband got off pretty easy by getting me a dachshund brooch made of leather - - obviously  z e r o  thought was put into that and he does not know me  a t  a l l.

This is a perfect gift for your wife, if your wife is me.