It may be true that I can sometimes be ever so slightly dramatic and hyperbolize just a touch, but there are other times when I'm being completely accurate by saying that I enjoy something to the point of wanting to die. I have this distinct sense of being so overwhelmed by what I'm seeing that death seems imminent.* This happened most recently when I found these cross-stitch patterns by Cloudsfactory:


I love them so much that I want to D I E. The worst part of all is that Cloudsfactory is apparently located in Siena, Italy. I JUST WENT TO THERE (!!) and I cannot believe I spent all of my time looking at dumb old monuments instead of finding people creating nerd-themed cross-stitch patterns. Obviously I'm partial to the several Harry Potter patterns, but there are an infinite (not really - closer to 193) number of gems including but not limited to: Never-Ending Story, Dr. Who, Back to the Future, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, and Fast and Furious.

*My first recollection of this sensory overload was going into Sanrio Surprise as a child. I was filled with an excited panic that made it almost painful to visit my favorite store. This is normal, right?