There are many things that I've noticed change about me since I've begun nearing the age of 30. I wear high heels to work some days. I take sleeping pills in order to have a good night's rest. I get semi-regular haircuts. I drink a lot more coffee and sparkling water. White wine is my alcoholic beverage of choice. I cry approximately 400% more. I cleanse a few times a year and I have house plants.

I guess I was too young and carefree in my early 20s to care about such things, but now I buy plants and attempt to keep them alive. (I know what you are thinking - She's too carefree for plants, but not too carefree for a dog, husband, and child - They're just much more self sufficient than my basil) Luckily for me, the plants that I share my home with are supposedly the easiest ones to maintain: Cacti (succulents in general), avocado seeds with toothpicks in them, and air plants. Despite that fact, I kill them all. I contemplated throwing my replacement air plants directly into the trash after purchase instead of watching them slowly suffer in my living room, but where's the fun in that? I go through plants like I went through goldfish as an adolescent (the living being - not the cracker). 

R.I.P Plop, Plaque, Plop Junior, Plaque Junior, Plop II . . . you get the picture . . .

Here's to hoping my current batch will last until next week.

And, if not, then I'll just buy this grab bag from Air Plant Supply Co. That sounds like a good idea too.