Holiday Gift Guide 2013.

It's that time of year again. The time for HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDES!

You may be sick of them, but I can never get enough. My list is for that giant "?" on your list. You know who I'm talking about...but I don't. So, I've compiled 10 items with the hopes that one of these could work for that person you are thinking of that I've never met.

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1. GARRETT'S POPCORN TIN This seems cliche, but I'd be psyched to get it because this popcorn is the bomb. And it's better than sending nothing.

2. SCRATCH MAP For the traveler or the wannabe traveler - Looks good on the wall, interactive, and a nice way to show off your adventures.

3. BKR WATER BOTTLE Good for the environment and attractive to carry around. And you don't have to buy one with a heart on it, but that's the one I want if you are buying it for me.

4. ARCHITECTURE LEGOS People like legos and this is a nice sophisticated version to pretend like you are more adult than child.

5. GLOBE TERRARIUM KIT Terrariums all day every day! That's my motto.

6. WOODEN KEYBOARD Most things that aren't normally made of wood look cooler when made in wood. My two examples are keyboards and sunglasses.

7. ZOO CALENDAR Something nice to decorate your boring desk.

8. TEA FOR ONE Another good addition to your office or a perfect way to treat the lonely single people in your life.

9. FIELD NOTES "The Kit" We all write things down now and again - so why not do it in style?

10. HOMEMADE GIN KIT - More fun than homemade beer, right?

I recently read a "Gift Guide for Web Developers" that (after a lot of tech heavy ideas) suggested a trip to swim with DOLPHINS to take a break from the stress of coding. I just want to let you know that I do not approve of this suggestion.

Happy shopping!